Van Halen Nation

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Band: Marc, Danny, Chris, Pete

Van Halen Nation is your ticket back to the 80's to experience the Mighty Van Halen in their prime. This South Jersey based band is the premier VH tribute that replicates the same high intensity performance with the same flamboyance Van Halen was known for. Performing all the vintage VH1 hits such as Jump, You Really Got Me, Panama, Dance The Night Away, Hot For Teacher and Ain't Talkin' Bout Love just to name a few.

The David Lee Roth / Eddie Van Halen chemistry has been reincarnated by founding member Marc Moore (Vocals) and Danny Danzi (Guitar) featuring the same stage acrobatics and blistering solo renditions of Eruption. With their fierce backbone rhythm section of Peter Kamenakis (Bass Guitar) and Chris Nerone (Drums) you'll get both the thunder and lightning with each performance.

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