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Below you'll find all our Modern Rock Acts. These acts are fantastic musical acts that are well suited to nearly any venue. Be sure to check out all the Modern Rock Acts we have to offer, then book your next act with Frank Kielb Entertainment!

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Frank Kielb Entertainment is proud to introduce the BRAND NEW lineup of one of Philadelphia's most sought after cover bands, LIMA BEAN RIOT! LBR is a Modern Rock Band from Delaware County who will promise to keep you dancing and singing until early hours of the morning! With six amazing and completely unique personalities, LBR can provide any type and style of music-Classic Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop etc.
Below you'll find all our Tribute Acts. These acts bring a taste of some of the largest bands in history, direct to your venue! From The Beatles to Bon Jovi to Dave Matthews Band, we have a large selection of Tribute Acts to choose from! Be sure to check out all the Tribute Acts we have to offer, then book your next act with Frank Kielb Entertainment!

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7 Bridges: The Ultimate EAGLES Experience is a stunningly accurate tribute to Southern California's most famous musical group, The Eagles. Comprised of six talented musicians, each bringing his own style and flair to the group, 7 Bridges is intent on delivering a near replica of a live EAGLES performance that is so precise, so intense, so unbelievable, as to be mistaken for the masters themselves.

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Formed in the Spring of 2009 and founded by Michael Schmidt, agaINXS is quickly becoming the premier INXS tribute band on the east coast! Michael nails the image and sound of the late Michael Hutchence with erie accuracy and the band performs the songs spot on!
Almost Queen

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Almost Queen succeeds in blending the vocal layering and studio precision that is a signature of the band with the energy and spectacle of a live stage production. Elaborate lighting, effects and costumes aptly frame the seasoned musicians who step into these very large shoes to effectively render an authentic "Queen experience". The band can boast an unbroken string of sold out theaters from New York to San Diego, while headlining major rock festivals in a number of foreign countries as well as the US. The showmanship on stage is reflected by the extensive resumes of the band members, who have toured with the likes of Thin Lizzy, Dee Snider, and Angel. Lead singer Joseph Russo, is also a veteran of the Broadway stage, and has performed in several Broadway tours throughout the world. He and the other Almost Queen members Steve Leonard, John Cappadona, and Randy Gregg flex all of their musical chops in proudly presenting to you the penultimate live Queen concert.

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Hailing from Long Island, NY, Bad Medicine has spent the last seven years establishing themselves as one of the most sought after tribute shows in the nation. Further securing their elite status, Bad Medicine is billed as the only tribute band hired by Jon Bon Jovi's Philly Soul Organization, and has been hired for Bon Jovi fan club events (run by Jon's family). Performing around the country in some of the nation's most revered venues (HOB, BB Kings, Harrah's, Westbury Music fair) and events, Bad Medicine continues to hold audiences captive.

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BEAUTIFUL DAY is simply an incredible live tribute to U2. BEAUTIFUL DAY sets the highest standard that all tribute bands seek to attain – perfection! The addition of a light and multi media show complete with video walls and all the trappings of a U2 extravaganza makes a BEAUTIFUL DAY show one that you just have to see to believe.
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Recapture the excitement, the mood and the frantic intensity as Beatlemania Now performs live-on-stage, against a backdrop of stunning images which evoke memories of one the most turbulent decades of modern times... the 1960's!

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A tribute to the Blues Brothers, The Blues Brotherhood covers the best material from the original "Blues Brothers" as well as other classic blues, funk, and soul tunes in a style unique to the "Brotherhood". So hold on to your hats (and shades, for that matter) as the boys capture the sound, energy, and persona that propelled the original "Blues Brothers" into the phenomenon that still thrills audiences around the world. The Blues Brotherhood is available for theaters, casinos, clubs, concerts, and private/corporate functions.

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What makes The Glimmer Twins such a special attraction is their ability to capture the raw energy of the most electrifying performances throughout The Rolling Stones career, and present it in such a way that audiences are able to experience the same sensation of what it was like to be at a Stones concert in their heyday. Because of the uncanny resemblances to Mick Jagger & Keith Richards in their prime coupled with the special attention given to the minutest details both musically and visually, The Glimmer Twins are a cut above all other tribute bands on the circuit today.

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HUMAN WHEELS plays more Mellencamp in one night than Mellencamp himself!! That's right, rockin' one hit after the next! The core members of this six-piece tribute band have been together since 2001, while the newest members were hand picked to bring you an incredibly seasoned, high quality group of musicians!! Enjoy classics like Pink Houses, Authority Song, Cherry Bomb, Small Town, Rain on the Scarecrow, Jack and Diane, Hurt So Good, Need a Lover, Paper in Fire, Lonely 'Ol Night, and more! C'mon and check them out, you know more John "Cougar" Mellencamp than you think!!!

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Chicago began in the city of the namesake, the dream of original members Walt Parazaider, Terry Kath, Lee Laughnane and Danny Seraphine to create a rock band with a dynamic horn section integral to the melody, a fusion of their jazz and rock roots. Sewn in Parazaiders apartment were the seeds of what would become one of rock and roll’s most enduring collaborations.

Our project was born of a deep admiration and respect for the artists and their music. What we hope Introduction will bring to our audience is not only the tremendous catalogue of Chicago’s music but a reminder of the times and events that shaped their lives and their writing.

Come see Introduction and join the Chicago experience


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LIVE WIRE offers the most complete and authentic reproduction of AC/DC's sound and stage performance in the world. LIVE WIRE's live show is the most accurate duplication of the original band that AC/DC fans worldwide have come to love. LIVE WIRE emulates the pure essence, power, and electricity of what an AC/DC show is all about and has proven to audiences time and time again that you can't stop rock 'n roll. High Voltage rock n roll at it's best.

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Real Diamond is a professional band dedicated to the faithful re-creation of the live Neil Diamond experience. We are obsessively passionate about providing you and your audience the finest Neil Diamond show short of having the man there himself.

Curt Di Domizio fronts the band with a chillingly realistic Neil Diamond interpretation. Your audience will be amazed and dazzled as they dance and sing along to four decades of incredible, unforgettable songs.


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Robert Eric began his Piano Man tribute with the group "Big Shot" in 2003 playing in the Long Island Area. Toured with as Billy Joel in "Rocksplosion" 2004-2005 playing throughout the New York/Metropolitan Area. Known as "Philly's Piano Man", he performs regularly at Ceasars, Harrahs, Trump Marina, Hylton, and the entire Jersey Coast. Now touring exclusively through Frank Kielb Entertainment, he opened at the Wachovia Center twice for Billy Joel, with Billy asking for and receiving a big round of applause from the crowd in honor the warm-up tribute act.

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Rock Bottom is an Ocean City MD based Kiss Tribute Band playing all the classics from the 70's to the 80's. The look and sound is an exact replica of the original Gods of Thunder from the 1976 era. When you are at one of their shows, you will see they are on a mission to be the best around. Complete with Star Child's amazing vocals, blood spitting demon actions, a crushing drum solo from the Cat man and the ever famous Ace smokin' guitar., The stage show will leave you wanting more every time.

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Have you ever wished you could have the authentic Journey experience in the days of the masterful voice of Steve Perry and the supreme musicianship and chemistry of Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory and Steve Smith?

Are you ready to be taken on a Journey like never before? Now is your chance! Separate Ways The Band, the Ultimate Tribute to the music of Journey, truly defies description, featuring Dan Gagliano, Jason Mitchell, Mick Loro, Mike Llewellyn and Dave Ramani, five amazing musicians recreating the music of Journey.

This is the closest you'll get to see the early-mid 80's line-up of Journey live, ever. An accurate portrayal of the Steve Perry era is duplicated in every way. Experience all of the subtle nuances, inflections, harmonies and visual gratifications of seeing the original Journey show.

Separate Ways The Band brings the highest level of musicianship to the audience while showing a true respect for the music of Journey. An evening with Separate Ways The Band is truly an "unforgettable" experience, which is why they are "the next best thing to Journey!"

Don't miss the Ultimate Tribute to the music of Journey with Separate Ways The Band...

Below you'll find all our Specialty Acts. These acts range from solo artists, to duets, to DJ's and are acceptable in a variety of venues! Be sure to check out all the Specialty Acts we have to offer, then book your next act with Frank Kielb Entertainment!
Groove Buffet  Truth & Soul
Sindi Raymond Christina River
Green Tea Revival Matt Turk 

Below you'll find all our Country Acts. These acts range from solo artists, to duets, full lineups and more! Reeber to book with Frank Kielb Entertaiment!
Clyde Barrow & The Legendary Barbusters Tim Gillis
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